In the future, providing quality service to our customers will be the value-add that sets Acumed apart. That’s why I truly believe in initiatives like Mind the Gap’s assessment program, and am thrilled that the response has been so positive.
Neill W., Director of Global Sales and Marketing, Acumed
Missouri Baptist Medical Center partnered with Mind the Gap to create a customized coaching program for a number of our high potential leaders and their teams. Their systematic program incorporated collaborative goal setting, assessments to measure success, and sustainment plans to ensure lasting positive change. We consider Mind the Gap a valued partner in the development of our leaders.
Rhonda B., Senior Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer BJC HealthCare
We had never used an assessment before so I was a little skeptical. We have used the benchmarking feature to identify the qualities we want and even more importantly those we do not want in a salesperson. We now prescreen all potential candidates. As we have become more familiar with the tools that Mind the Gap provides we are becoming better at hiring (using the matched interview questions) and coaching (using the coaching tool based on the assessment). 
Kelly L., Co-Distributor Chief Executive Officer, InterMed
In my opinion, the assessment program is the single most valuable innovation that Acumed has provided to its agents in 2012.
Jeremy K.,Principal, MedEx South
The CheckPoint 360 has provided the Attorney General’s office with an effective tool to evaluate and strengthen our leadership team. Repeating the assessment annually enables us to measure progress and provides accountability for continued improvement.
Chris K., Missouri Attorney General
The information we gain from the hiring assessment has made a significant impact on our hiring success.  It’s one of those things you don’t know you need until you start using it, and then you wonder how you ever got along without it.
Susan B., Owner, Brashears Furniture
The PXT Behavioral Assessment is elegant in its simplicity.
Brian P., Paric Construction Company
In our leadership workshop, my Mind the Gap facilitator was well organized and informative, while keeping it fun and entertaining. She kept the room engaged and was able to present the material and an interactive and interesting way. I got a lot of useful tools and information from her.
Enterprise Holdings, Inc.
Coaching changed my behavior. It changed how I look at and approach my business. I had been given many tools in the past, but I didn’t routinely use them or necessarily believe in them. Coaching provided the accountability I needed.  I moved from thinking that I was just not doing enough to realizing that I needed to rethink the way I was doing things.  The mental shift has been extremely helpful.
Michael O., The Scooter Guy
The sales assessment is an additional tool in the hiring process that gives us greater insight. It provides an objective way of looking at characteristics and behaviors that is extremely helpful.. 
Bill T. and John N., Principals, OR-Specialties
My coaching experience was exactly what I needed and nothing like I expected. The process opened my awareness of issues that had me ‘stuck’ and were preventing me from taking several necessary steps crucial to future growth and success. Working with Mind the Gap taught me how to identify my challenges, change my approach to these obstacles, redirect the energy I was inefficiently spending, and make concrete & measurable progress that was critical to my business. I never thought coaching would reap such tangible benefits.
Carrie W., CFP ®, CDFA™
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