The Shortcomings of Interviews

According to Jason Dana, assistant professor of management and marketing at the Yale School of Management, interviewers typically form strong but unwarranted impressions about interviewees, often revealing more about themselves than the candidates. 

So, how do we find the right people for the job?  Including a normed, validated and reliable assessment tool can increase your success for predicting a good job fit.  A personality assessment is great for professional development but not selection. It’s important to utilize an assessment that incorporates adaptive testing, the latest technology in selection assessments.  When incorporating behavioral interviewing, background checks, references and a proven selection assessment tool you can increase your success rate from 14% up to 76% . 

What’s the takeaway?  Don’t believe everything you think from an interview alone.  Use data to support your decisions and increase your hiring success.  For more information about our assessment tools contact us at 331-6-THEGAP or